This was the first specialization project I took upon myself during my time at TGA which I spent four weeks working on. Since working on the game Spite: The Dark Blight I have had a lot of opportunity to delve into the world of character rigging and animation which came to interest me greatly and therefore decided that this is what I wanted to pursue in my specialization. I have always had a great interest in robots, especially those present in Japanese animation, which is what my original intention to rig. Then I decided I wanted to rig something else than a bipedal character and therefore enhance my rigging knowledge in general.

I decided to rig this model because I found it to be an interesting rigging challenge and also because it’s appearance intrigued me, having a good balance of being cool and adorable. The model is created by the artist alekrazum.



My main focus with the SR-17 was to make it’s movement possibilities both mechanical and lifelike, which is not easy by any means since the concept in itself is a paradox but I believe I managed it rather well considering it to my first attempt rigging something both mechanical and spider like.

Since this was my first time rigging something else than a biped I spent a lot of time researching different kinds of machinery rigs and how to best go about them. The biggest challenge was to make the legs move nicely with the rest of the body which is an experience which will be helpful when I will rig spider like creatures in the future.

During my time with this project I also spent a lot of time delving into Python scripting in order to make my workflow faster, such as creating an IK and FK joint chain with relevant controls and creating various control shapes.